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Mon, Dec. 18th, 2006, 10:43 pm
just_julie: New Forum Stuff

Okay, I know we talked about taking the forums down, but I agree with the ST's statements at the last game- they will most likely be a great resource while we manage the ST recharge period/time jump.

Remember, there is a strict ban on talking game stuff to the ST's for one month, as of the last game date! Don't come crying to me if they tell you to stuff it, or ignore you completely if you start hounding them for character tidbits!

The two new forums on the main page are tools to help us keep current on who's who and what's what during the jump. There's one for city events, which would be the place for things that the whole city/kindred population would know about, such as the death of any kindred, the hostile takeover of an influence base, or the palace revolt and resulting installation of a new Prince. (no, that's not story, just an example of a city event)  Keep in mind that while the ST break ban is in place, nothing will be cleared with them.  Let's try to keep things down to a dull roar while they rest.

The other is for character glimpses, an idea shamelessly stolen from the forums for another game. This is the place for short scenes and stories pertaining to your character, and their evolution or lack of same as we move through the jump. Give us anything you want, from hunt scenes, to personal vignettes, and everything in between.  Please make sure to state somewhere in the post whether the information in it is available to other characters, as in "anyone in the Old Market over the next few weeks would see...".  If there is no such label on a post, assume it's OOC information!  Metagamers will be punished appropriately, so let's just not even go there. 

The fact that we, in general, aren't ST's doesn't mean we're not telling the story along with them. This post is made by a general player, for the general players. We are all active participants in this story world, and as such, we are fully capable of keeping ourselves occupied while the ST's who have done so much for us thus far kick back and take a breather.

All in all, this is a reminder to enjoy what we've worked hard to build as a group. Let's keep working together on not letting it fall apart.