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Afterlife LARP

A community for members and friends of our Afterlife LARP

Hanging out with the members of the Afterlife LARP
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This community is for members of the Omaha Afterlife LARP and our gamer friends.

We all have people we would love to invite to the LARP, but because of scheduling, it just isn't working out. This is a place on LJ where we can all gab, hang out, post pictures, and generally geek out. If you are a member of this community, then you are either a member of the LARP, or are a friend of a member of the LARP. As a result, nothing you say here is considered to be "off topic" and everything from what happened at the last game to how your archery class is going is up for grabs.

Is that it? Well, no. My ulterior motive here is to get all our great players on LJ and get them all introduced to our other super-cool friends from other areas of our lives. Hooray! Our worlds are colliding!! I figure, if people can create mad-crazy specific communities in an effort to find more people to date, then I can create a community in an effort to have everyone we know babbling in one place. :)